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Black Girl Empowerment Cards-Bundle

Black Girl Empowerment Cards-Bundle

**With this bundle, you will receive a physical copy of all three sets of Empowerment Cards (Courage, Creative Purpose and Self Love), which will be shipped to the address provided during your purchase.


Do you work with Black girls in your school, organization or program? If so, these Empowerment Cards are for you! 


Our Black Girl Empowerment Cards are created to give Black girls everywhere a reminder of their greatness, their strength, their beauty and the potential they have based on the legacy created and paved for them. Black girls deserve to know that they are powerful in every area of their lives.


Uzima's Black Girl Empowerment Cards provide different themes  that support Black girls with recognizing their power, even through their challenges. Empower Black girls to break generational curses and set the standard for the next generation. Through the Black Girl Empowerment Cards, girls have various activities to engage in that will guide them to take responsibility for their own stories and write the narrative they want for their lives. Our Black girls deserve to be uplifted and empowered in every space they enter so that they can be confident in themselves while empowering other Black girls and women. 

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