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Post-Break Culture Reset Playbook

Post-Break Culture Reset Playbook

Are you an educator seeking a comprehensive and practical resource to navigate the post-break transition seamlessly? If so, look no further!! Introducing our Post-Break Culture Reset Playbook, just for you! 


Our Post-Break Culture Reset Playbook is your all-in-one guide to support educators like you in resetting, rebuilding, and reconnecting with students with intention and purpose. Our playbook was created with you and your students in mind! This playbook is your go-to for a post-break return like no other! 


Key Features of the Playbook: 

  1. 2 weeks (10 days) of full, engaging, and meaningful lessons focused on various topics such as community building, norm-setting, conflict resolution, collaboration, accountability, and more. 
  2. Colorful and engaging worksheets, mini SEL activities, and games for students in k-12. Additional resources for educators to implement as needed.
  3. Practical and purposeful step-by-step guides and instructions for implementing lessons and activities with students. 
  4. Opportunities for students to build, connect, grow, and reset as a class community. 


Benefits of the Playbook:

  1.  Streamlined planning: effortlessly navigate post-break with a detailed day-by-day guide for lessons with students.
  2. Prioritize a positive culture: cultivate a positive and interactive culture through intentional activities that provide students with multiple opportunities to connect and collaborate.
  3. Student engagement: boost student engagement and enthusiasm through interactive and meaningful experiences as a class community.
  4. Strengthen relationships: build stronger connections between educators and students. 


Purchase your copy today! Invest in your school community by purchasing the Post-Break Culture Reset Playbook today! Take the lead in resetting and rebuilding your culture for a successful post-break return. 


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