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"A child is what you put into him"

-Afrikan Proverb-

Uzima is the Swahili word for "Full of Life".  Our youth are full of life! Educators must guide, honor, protect and value their potential for growth by implementing holistic approaches recognizing their internal strength and power. We vow to transform the lives of youth, by supporting educators in creating spaces for them to Engage with others as their authentic be Educated in spaces that affirm their greatness...and Empowering them to use their voice to Exceed

          Engage. Educate. Empower. Exceed.


We are committed to providing the best for our clients.

At Uzima, we do everything we can to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our services through tailored services based on their individual needs. We build relationships with our clients to support them in the best way possible. Check out some testimonials from some of our dedicated clients and get in touch with us today.

Are you ready to transform your life as an educator and that of your students? If yes, contact us today.

"I cannot speak enough about the wealth that Fahari's purpose, creativity and talent bring to whatever space that she enters. Not only have I benefited from her content and circle cards in my work with girls in Baltimore City, I have also found my own healing and introspection in professional developments and restorative circles facilitated by Fahari as well. Fahari's content is always culturally responsive; I am confident that the training I am receiving will be able to be used in it's fullness with my next audience. I/We cannot engage in the work of uplifting and helping to construct healthy children and families unless we ourselves are healty and pouring from a full cup, and Fahari's instruction and facilitation consistently pushes me toward that wholeness."

Stephanie, Baltimore Educator

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